Vollständiges Kovair Systementwicklungs Template

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Produktinformationen "Vollständiges Kovair Systementwicklungs Template"

Inklusive Adaption und Training 2 Wochen.

Alle Inhalte sind in Englisch.

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Systemdevelopment Template

Please read this Wikipage.

It will guide you trough the Template.

As all Items out of a development are included, and this implies Quality Related Actions such as Process Descriptions and Procedures, This Template is HUGHE so that it serves the requirements of a Development according to the respective standard

Go through it step by step, it should be self explanatory


Hide or delete

Items you do not need.

This Template covers nearly everything that is to be applied in the evelopment

Typically Organisations do not want to introduce everything in one shot.

Thus you can here hide Items or delete Items that you do not need.


This template can be used in nearly any branch.

Small adaptations that are to be found in any company will not majorly affect the template

This template does cover

  • System Development
  • Software Development
  • Hardware Development
  • Mechanical Development can be added
  • Error Management
  • Release Management
  • FMEA and
  • Risk Management
  • Project management including
    • Project Management Plan
    • Process Improvement Plan
    • Problem Management Plan
    • Quality Management Plan
    • System Integration Plan
    • System Test Strategy
    • Safety Plan
    • Configuration Management Plan
    • Software Development and
      • Software Maintenance Plan
    • Risk Management Plan
    • Documentation Management Plan
    • Problem Management Plan


System Development in regulated branches | Concept of the best practice

The template is large!

A lot of requirements are covered here out of the following Norms


Derived and similar standards such as

ISO26262 Functional Safety (or the 61508 Functional Safety of EE)

ASPICE® Automotive SPICE

ISO31000 Risk Management

ISO 14971 Medical Risk management

IEC 60812 [Analysis techniques for system reliability - Procedure for failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA)]

ISO 16326 Systems and Software Engineering Life Cycle

are applicable here as well.

Things you do not need can be made invisible or can be deleted

With minor changes, this template enables you to be compliant in nearly any branch


ISO 62304 [Medical device software — Software life cycle processes]


ISO 14971 [Application of risk management to medical devices]

VDI 5702 [Medical SPICE Is handled here as well]

Processes are covered as well


Process Coverage ASPICE® VDA SCOPE

This template covers the following processes:


    1. SYS.1-5 System Development
      (SYS.6 is included, in case you are involved in the Testing at Customer Level)
    2. SWE.1-6 Software Development
    3. HWE.1-4 Hardware Development
    4. MAN.3 Project Management
    5. MAN.5 Risk Management
    6. REU.2 Reuse Management (As a base functionality of codebeamer)
    7. SUP.9 Problem Resolution management
      Will need to have some additional features that are easy to implement according to your company's strategy
    8. SUP.10 Change Management
    9. ACQ.11 Technical Requirements
      with some minor adaption
    10. ACQ13 Project Requirements
      with some minor adaption
    11. The other processes are supported but not implemented
    12. FMEA
      as typical request from OEM's as well on SW Level is implemented and can be used


Details to all Items are documented here ASPICE® Process Mapping and Monitoring




ISO 26262 Functional Safety see as well Functional Safety Iso 26262 61508 Mapping

Implemented are

  • 3-5 Item Definition
  • 3-6 Initiation of the Safety Lifecycle
  • 3-7 Hazard Analysis and Risk Assesment
  • 3-8 Functional Safety Concept
  • 4 Product development at the system level is covered in Full
  • 5 Product development at the hardware level is covered in Full
  • 6 Product development at the software level is covered in Full
  • 8-8 Change Management
  • 8-9 Verification
  • 8-10 Documentation
  • 9-7 Analysis of dependent failures
  • 9-8 Safety analysis

Uncovered Processes

Uncovered Processes

can be added, but that might overload this already massive template, especially in the beginning.



Is a method that is heavily promoted and seems to make a lot of sense, however, some normative requirements prohibit the AGILE approach.

According to a study of Kuglermaag, the Agile method has some constraints, especially in large projects.
They are

  • Inability to scale and
  • lack of up-front planning and
  • Management resistance

These constraints have been addressed here and are removed to the extent that we see it feasible today.

In order to understand how this Template works please Read the HOW TO and the other Wikipages as well.
Some misunderstandings in regards to AGILE are handled at least in understanding here: What Agile is not.


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